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"Fire on the Water."

The calm and clear waters of Lake McDonald reflect the blazing skies of a springtime sunset in Glacier National Park, Montana. Behind the lens. It's hard to believe that I almost missed this sunset. I was working on the lakeshore late in the evening, getting ready for the full moon to rise towards the south. All of my attention was focused towards the imminent moonrise, as I was preparing two cameras on tripods and double-checking all of my measurements and pre-focusing before it got dark. I lost track of the skies to the west and north. When I stepped away from my cameras and glanced behind me, I finally saw the "fire" on the water. I yanked on of my carefully placed tripod and camera sets and ran north, where I knew of a patch of colorful rocks laying just offshore in shallow water. I had about two minutes to reset my equipment and capture the image before the clouds and water faded to gray. I quickly decided on a vertical stack of three separate horizontal images, but I ended up using the bottom two and cropping a bit. Afterwards, I had to turn south and start setting up for the moonrise all over again...

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