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"Huckleberry Moon."

The full moon floats silently past the Fire Lookout atop Huckleberry Mountain on a midsummer’s night in Glacier National Park, Montana. (Note cards available here.) Behind the lens. This photograph first appeared in my head while studying maps of Glacier National Park, and I had to work hard to get it out of there. Azimuths, transits, calculations, lines drawn across the map. Climbing around in good grizzly bear habitat with compass in hand, then hanging out in total darkness waiting for the moon to rise. All this and it still took me three tries to get it right! On the first night, the moon rose just west of the lookout. The second night I overcompensated my location, and the moon just missed to the east. Finally, on the third try, the moon slid behind the lookout and I jumped around in a silent celebration dance -- yesssss!

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