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"Heavens Above."

The Milky Way warms up the night sky above Heaven's Peak, in Glacier National Park, Montana. Behind the lens. Heaven's Peak is a well-known mountain up in Glacier National Park. What better foreground subject for a photograph of the Milkyway? Milkyway photos demand a dark, moonless and cloudless night sky. Otherwise the clouds of stars don't show up very well, if at all. Even under the best conditions, the summertime sky doesn't turn totally dark until 2-3 hours after sunset. Then the first light of dawn starts creeping in 2-3 hours before sunrise. This leaves a darkened window that only lasts about two hours in the mddle of the night. I created this window towards about 3 AM, when the first light of dawn is just starting to appear. So instead of stars on a black background, we get stars on a blueish background. This is a fine splitting of the hairs with background colors, and not all that easy to accomplish. Fortuately, you get to stay home asleep while I work these things out for you...

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