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"Many Moons Ago."

The moon's path across the sky changes every night. Here the moon's changing path is captured from a single camera location on five consecutive August nights. On the fifth night, I also photographed the sunset from the same camera position. Behind the lens. This was an incredibly difficult image to create. The weather forecast called for five days of clear skies (very unusual here), starting on the night of the full moon. I set a sturdy tripod on a friend's deck, and planned the image. Each night, every five minutes, I took three moon images -- one dark, one light and one normal. On the fifth night, at sunset, I asked Tracy to canoe across the lake. I then selected the best moon exposures for each night, assembled the moonbows, and layered in the canoe image. So this image literally started as many hundreds of photographs, all taken from a single point. The end result is a five-night long exposure that captures an inspiring celestial event.

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