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"Peaceful Lamb."

A young lamb rests peacefully in a bed of straw, under the nurturing care of its mother. Behind the lens. Everyone responds to this photograph with a universal, "Aaaaaaw!" This is a good example of how camera angle influences how we respond to an image. I created this intimate image of a ewe and her lamb by getting down at eye level (and crawling around in some interesting-smelling straw). How boring would it look if I'd photographed the very same scene from a standing position? Boiled down to basics, photographing people and animals from above makes them look relatively smaller and weaker. Photographing from below makes the very same subject look bigger and stronger. But we feel the strongest connection when we are looking at the subject eye-to-eye. Call it, "The Aaaaaw Effect."


peacefulpacelambsheepmother and childJohn Ashley