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How to Order Prints

You can order traditional paper prints directly off the website. Just click on the "Buy" button for any photo that you'd like to see in your home or office, and a shopping cart will magically appear. Prints ordered off the website are shipped to you directly from our printer, so they are UNSIGNED and UNMATTED. Please contact us (call or email) if you would like to order MATTED and SIGNED prints, or if you would like to order limited-edition CANVAS prints.

Open-edition paper prints, unsigned and unmatted

Order directly from website. Shipping not included.

Normal Aspect:

     $35.   8"x10" unsigned, unmatted

     $40.   8"x12" unsigned, unmatted

     $50.  11"x14" unsigned, unmatted

     $65.  12"x18" unsigned, unmatted

     $70. 16"x20" unsigned, unmatted

     $75. 20"x24" unsigned, unmatted

     $90. 20"x30" unsigned, unmatted


     $30.     8"x8" unsigned, unmatted

     $35.  10"x10" unsigned, unmatted

     $40.  12"x12" unsigned, unmatted

     $65. 16"x16" unsigned, unmatted

     $75. 20"x20" unsigned, unmatted

     $85. 24"x24" unsigned, unmatted

Panoramic 2 to 1 :

     $20.   5"x10" unsigned, unmatted

     $45.   8"x16" unsigned, unmatted

     $55. 10"x20" unsigned, unmatted

     $65. 12"x24" unsigned, unmatted

Panoramic 3 to 1 :

     $60. 10"x30" unsigned, unmatted

     $75.  12"x36" unsigned, unmatted

Open-edition paper prints, signed and matted

Order by phone or by email. Shipping not included.

Normal Aspect:

     $20.       5"x7" signed print matted to 8"x10" 

     $45.    8"x12" signed print matted to 12"x16"

     $75.  12"x18" signed print matted to 18"x24"

     $95.   20"x30" signed print, unmatted          


     $45.      8"x8" signed, matted to 12"x16"         

     $75.   12"x12" signed print matted to 16"x22"

Panoramic 2 to 1 :     

     $30.   7"x14" signed print, unmatted 

     $50.  9"x18" signed print, unmatted

Panoramic 3 to 1 :

     $30.   5"x18" signed print, unmatted

     $50.   7"x28" signed print, unmatted

Limited-edition Canvas Prints, signed and numbered

Gallery-wrapped canvas stretched over wooden frame, ready to hang.

Order by phone or email. Shipping not included.

Normal Aspect:

     $145.  12"x18"

     $195.  24"x16"

     $245.  20"x30"

     $425. 36"x24"

Square Aspect:

       $50. 6"x6"

       $95. 12"x12"

     $145. 16"x16"

     $275. 24"x24"

Panoramic Aspect 2 to 1 :

     $175. 14"x28"

     $545. 24"x48"

Panoramic Aspect 3 to 1 :

     $245.   12"x36"

     $495. 60"x20"

     $325. 48"x14"

We can print custom sizes for most images.
Contact us if you have a very specific size space to fit the print to.

You can order note cards, post cards and posters by clicking the "Add to Cart" button
in the "Cards & Posters" gallery.

Please note that while most images on the website are watermarked (copyright notice), the watermark will not appear on any print purchased.


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