"Ponderosa Moonset." The crescent moon sets behind an ancient ponderosa pine tree. How many moons has this tree witnessed? Behind the lens. There are worse ways to spend one's nights than watching the moonset over "Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge." The refuge is a peaceful valley in northwestern Montana, about 40 miles west of Kalispell, not too far from where Tracy and I live. Creating this photograph meant spending two nights sitting out in the grassy hillside above Dahl Lake. On the first night, the moon failed to cooperate and set in the wrong location, just missing the tree. So I returned the next night, learning from my mistakes and adjusting my camera location accordingly. Low clouds moving in and out meant changing my aperature settings every couple of minutes, until the sky finally cleared around 2 AM. Then I could sit back and enjoy the deer feeding below me, the bats feeding above, and the occassional odd duck quack. Not a bad way to spend a midsummer's night... - John Ashley Fine Art Photography
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